An affordable and fair fonts licensing for your brands and companies with transparent and flexibility to cater your needs.

How It Works

We believe that individuals, small companies, and institutions should not have to pay the same price for a typeface as large companies. We know the bigger the size and reach of a company, the bigger the commercial value being extracted from the typeface.

Therefor, we’ve approach our licensing price based on company size. Rather than on how many people within that company use the font files. The company size in this license terms is the number of all people working at License Owner company, when your company have multiple office, then the number of people is all people working at all of your company office.

License Owner

License Owner is the client: The business entity who commissions the design work, and for who the design work is in use. It is not the agency or individual creative who is producing the work.

Only in situation where an agency or individual creative designs its own identity is the agency both commissioner and client.

License Tier

License Tier is the company size metrics. We have four license tier for you to choose from based on your company size

Micro Businesses

A company consist of 1 to 10 people. A freelancer or individuals including in this tier.

Small Businesses

A company consist of 11 to 50 people.

Medium Businesses

A company consist of 51 to 500 people.

Large Businesses

A company consist of above 500 people.

License Type

Desktop/Print License

Permits the installation of Fonts on all desktop computer at License Owner company in order to design images and documents for print and screen.

Fonts may be embedded into PDF files as vector outlines only.

Free to used on License Owner social media account (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) with total follower of all social media channel less than 25k followers.

Web License

Permits embedding of Fonts in a website.

1 primary domain. Unlimited primary sub domain. If you want to use Fonts on several separate domains, the License Owner needs to purchase a separate Web License for each domain URL.

Unlimited pageviews

Fonts are provided in WOFF format and must be self-hosted on the License Owner’s server(s)

App/Digital Product/EPub License

Permits Fonts to be embedded in a Mobile App, Digital Product or eBook.

1 app/Digital product/ebook title(s). If you want to use Fonts on several digital product titles, you need to purchase a License for each title.

Unlimited distribution for App Fonts or ePub fonts.

Unlimited user for an App and ePub.

Social Media License
Permits the use of Fonts as parts of design assets created for social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube.

This License Only for 25k+ followers on all social media channel License Owner have. If below 25k follower you can use desktop/print license.

Video/Broadcast License

Permits use of the Fonts in advertising campaigns, video, and broadcasting context other than what is covered by the Social Media License, such as streaming (for instance on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, SKY), TV, cinema, video advertising, video billboards, type on screens, or video clips longer than 1 minute

One Year Term, Yearly renewing fee.

Allowed for 5 Ad Champaign per one year term.

Allowed for 5 films or episodes titles per one year term.

This video/broadcasting license only cover nationwide territory where the content may be streamed or broadcast.

Game License

Permits Fonts to be embedded in online and offline video games.

Allowed for 1 game titles.

Maximum 200.000 users worldwide. License must be upgraded if the scope of use increases above 200.000 users.

Logo/Wordmark License

Permits Fonts to be used as logotype.

Permit Fonts to be modified as necessary as per logo design requirement. This modification applies only to a letter character name of the brands being designed.

Allowed for 1 logo design project.

Outside letter characters of the brand name is prohibited.

Enterprise License

Enterprise License is special license. This license bundles all of our license type (Desktop/Print, Web, App/digital product/epub, Game, Video/Broadcasting, Social Media, Logo/Wordmarks) into one package license for one time fee.

It’s unlimited, unrestricted, and valid in perpetuity. The License does not need to be upgraded if company size increase or license limit reach.

Enterprise License cannot be purchase via website. Quote will be provided on request. Please get in touch with us.