Typography Poster Series Using Halfroy Typeface

This typography poster purpose is to appreciate the power of typography using Halfroy typefaces, particularly Halfroy bold fonts as main visual to show the key design element of this typeface family. This typographic poster series divided into five poster with different title, start from the words “Post”,”Stop”,”Spot”,”Pots”, and “Tops”.

Only four letters it can generate more than four words, dozens different meaning and only by changing the sequence of this four letters. This demonstrate the power of typography, an art & science of arranging letters.

This project show us the best use of typography in our visual design communications, and proves typography is a core of graphic designs. It means, to understand and mastering graphic designs oneself must master typography first.

All this typography poster designs shows reader a closer look on the type designs, how its edges formed, the details of counter-space each letters, the curve details, and many other element of type design on each letters. We hope it will give a readers a hint about the beauty of type designs, because every typeface not created equal, it have a purpose and aesthetic quality.


“Four Letters” S01

In this first design, we show the sequence of four letters group together to form the words:“post”. We show how it spell and some of the meaning according to Oxford English Dictionary to give a reader clue when comparing to another design in this series.



“Four Letters” S02

This second design, shows the sequence of four letters to form the words:“stop”. It just changes the sequence of letter, not adding more letters and meaning changes, a power of language and typography. The meaning of word “Stop” can be seen on bottom layout.



“Four Letters” S03

We present the third sequence of four letters to form the words:“spot”. With just changing the sequence of letter, without adding more letters and the meaning changes, this is a power of language and typography where when we changing letter sequence its meaning changes.



“Four Letters” S04

The fourth sequence of this series, a four letters group together to form the words:“pots”.



“Four Letters” S05

The fifth sequence of this series means the last of typographic poster series using halfroy bold fonts forming the words:“tops”. Once again we can see it, just changes the sequence of letter not adding more letters it can formed new words and new meaning. Clearly shows us the power of language and typography through this last series.




Poster size: A3

Principal Typeface: Halfroy Typeface

Designer: Rofiki Anas Ma’ruf