Heypentype understand your needs to be unique and lifting your brands value or business, to cater your demands we have several custom fonts service to fulfill and can be adjusted to the needs of your business.

We tuned your brands with fonts

Heypentype typographic custom services currently offer a tailored-solutions for your needs, from modifications our current typefaces, creating and or crafting typeface. Our custom service currently serves a refinement logo and wordmarks of your business/brands. All our custom services gives you flexibility on typographic needs. We tuned your brands with fonts.

We believe every brands/companies have unique value characters and offering, we help to show it through typeface into a wider audience brands/companies has. A custom typeface is the answer to those needs, an one-of-kind typeface designed only for your brands/companies. We offer two category for this kind of service: A single typeface and full family typeface. You can pick according your needs.

Custom typeface & wordmarks

Single Typeface

A single typeface means it has only one variation, you can customized it style, weight or width of the letter. In this service, you will get one single font file with all widely used font formats such as OTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2. You can also get Type Specimen of the typeface. A single typefaces customization is enough for you to start for. We recommends this service as accompanying with our logotype/wordmarks service.

Full Type Family

Full type family is a typeface consisting more than one variation, it can be style, weight or width of letters. In this service, you can adjust your needs, creating Standard Type family or Superfamily. Standard type family consist two or more variations. A superfamily consist more than eight variation. You will get several font files as deliveries with all widely supported fonts formats such as OTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2, you will also get Type Specimen of the typeface. We recommend this service if you’re familiar working with fonts before, if you just started it’s better to choose our single typeface service first to get familiar. 


Customization service is a modifications to our existing typefaces or modifying your fonts if you have one and your fonts is not under a commercial license when you get it. Customization service including small changes and additions of some characters, weights, styles, and or adding special features. We recommend this service for tuning your logo or wordmarks. You can further develop this service to our single typeface development.

Additional Features

We provide several additional OpenType features, we recommend that you familiar before working with fonts designer and font engineer if you choose this service.

A list of OpenType features that we can develop to cater your needs:

Working with letters

  • Ligatures & Discretionary Ligatures
  • Small Caps
  • Extended Characters
  • Stylistic Alternates
  • Initial & Finals
  • Superior & Inferior
  • Contextual Alternate

Working with numbers and figures

  • Oldstyle Figures
  • Numerators & Denominators
  • Tabular Figures
  • Fractions

Working with symbols

  • Icon Fonts
  • Ornaments
  • Mathematical symbols
  • Other symbols


When you choose one of our custom service before be it single typeface or Full Family Type, and you add this OpenType Features. An additional fee outside the standard package above will be charged separately, the additional fees goes up depends on how many features you want to add in your typeface.